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Become part of an extended family

Sharing fully in all the joint responsibilities and duties of the care home, you will at times find the day-to-day work both exhausting and challenging. Many tasks will seem very basic and routine; others will make unexpected demands upon your personal initiative, self-discipline and presence of mind, yet all those duties, whether simple or complex, are absolutely essential for the successful care of the people we support.

Your sense of achievement will come from knowing that you have contributed effectively to the well-being of the people we support and volunteers at William Blake House as a whole.

William Blake House are always interested in hearing from prospective volunteers from the UK and the rest of the World. Please email us and request an application form. We will require your personal details as well as some idea of any previous experience you may have, although this is not essential. Your personal details are treated as confidential and will only used for the purposes of your application to join William Blake House.



Is there a minumum age?

Yes, you need to be 18 years or over to join us as a volunteer.

How long can I stay?

Priority is given to those who come for 12 months, although we also consider applications for 6 months.

What are the personal qualities of a good volunteer?

An awareness (or empathy) of how others feel is essential. It is the basis for forming positive relationships with the people we support as well as with other volunteer workers. We expect volunteers to respect each other's views, tolerate differences of opinion, and be open to others' ideas.

Are places open equally for men and women?

Yes, we place importance on equal opportunities. We welcome applications from men and women to join our existing mixed team.

What is the volunteer induction process?

The Induction Process is essential for anyone involved in the care and education of the people we support within William Blake House. Induction takes approximately two weeks to complete.

The First Step

It starts when you arrive with a course that goes over important elements of the Volunteer Information Handbook, such as health and safety, adult protection, house life. You will also participate in Emergency First Aid and moving and handling training at this time.

Meet The Team

At an early stage you will be introduced to your new colleagues and to the people we support, with whom you will live and work. A key part of your learning in these early days will be the regular supervision talks that you will have with your house manager or volunteer co-ordinator delegated to support you. This person will encourage you to think about how you are developing and seek to support and challenge you to grow further. You will be expected to keep track of your progress and demonstrate your skills and understanding through everyday activities, conversation, and completing written worksheets and notes. Completing induction is essential preparation for moving on to mainstream activities at William Blake House.

What will my accommodation be like?

At William Blake House, we feel you’ll be delighted with our accommodation and facilities. Comfortable and modern, our homes are maintained to the highest standards and this helps to ensure that you will enjoy your time working with us.

Care Home Life

‘Home Life’ is the heart of our life together. Although every household is engaged in different activities during the day, mealtimes are usually spent together. There are four houses at the present time, each accommodating up to five/six people we support. Within each house there are young adults with a variety of disabilities, each with their own room. Each volunteer has one or two people we support assigned to them.

A volunteer usually accompanies the same people we support through the day from morning to evening and again the next day and for most of the week. The volunteer will often also assist in activities. This continuity of care is of significant importance for the experience and general well-being of the people we support.

What do we offer volunteers?

  • Accommodation & month allowance for subsistence

  • English lessons

  • Use of a car ( subject to policy guidelines)

  • Internet access in all houses

  • Food while working in care home

  • Membership to a local gym and swimming pool

Interested in volunteering?

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