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Leisure Activities

Palm Trees

William Blake House provide the opportunity for the people we support to just do something for the fun of it, it is a great way to relax and recharge. The people we support, and support care staff, enjoy spending time together.


As a community, William Blake House plan the trips to the local theatres so that the people we support can enjoy cultural life in the city.

Large Theatre
Palm Trees


Holidays give the people we support the chance to not only relax and rejuvenate, but also to see beautiful sights and explore different cultures first-hand. We believe these experiences to be an important aspect of personal growth.


The people we support often enjoy going to local cinemas in the Northampton and Milton Keynes area. Everyone loves going there, enjoying drinks and packs of popcorn as part of a happy and relaxing weekend.

Cinema Complex
Church Pew

Cultural Beliefs

For the religious among us, we ensure the people we support are kept connected to their chosen faith. Visits offer dedicated time for self-reflection and prayer.

Music Making

People who have a particular interest in playing music have weekly sessions in which they use keyboards, percussion, and guitars to express themselves. Some of the music created has also been recorded and made into a CD to be enjoyed.

Image by Thomas Verbruggen

Garden Centres

Few places can such variety of nature be found in the local area as in a garden centre. Being amongst lush green plants and viewing exotic fish in the aquariums provides the people we support with tranquillity and a sense of oneness with nature.


Baking is a regular part of home life at William Blake House. The people we support are always included in this - buying ingredients, weighing, mixing, and choosing fruits, herbs and spices to add an extra burst of flavour to our bread and cakes. Whatever their ability, each person will experience the process of baking food as a community - and of course the taste-testing stage!

Rolling the Dough

The Garden Project

Our home in Blakesley has a large garden which is being developed by the people we support and the care support team.  Jobs include weeding, resurfacing, choosing and buying flowers and other plants, buying and maintaining tools, and keeping the outbuilding clean and tidy.

We're also creating an allotment so we can grow our own vegetables, and we have rabbits, hens, and quails to care for.

The people we support, care staff, and volunteers alike are really enjoying the fresh air and exercise, whilst knowing they're making a significant contribution to the development of our garden and allotment for the ongoing enjoyment of the whole community.

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