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Physical Activities

Climbing Wall

Fresh air, movement, exercise: essential for everyone, and a key part of the holistic healthy living approach of William Blake House.


William Blake House makes use of the local spa. Most of the people we support enjoy the facilities such as pool, hot tub, steam rooms, saunas and refreshments within a pleasantly decorated and calming environment.

Image by Camille Brodard
Climbing Wall

Rock Climbing

One to one indoor climbing wall sessions in Milton Keynes are a new activity for some of the people we support. Climbing builds confidence, fitness, and hand-eye coordination, and is an exciting way to enjoy exercise.


We have two weekly trampolining sessions for the people that we support, suited to different levels of ability.  The trampolines are at ground level and the activity is supervised by qualified instructors. It's a fun way to keep fit.

Trampoline Runway
Image by Werner Sevenster

Local Walks

We are situated in the picturesque countryside, giving the people we support the opportunity to make use of the local walks and also enjoy longer walks in the nearby forests such as Salcey forest, as well as other country parks in Northamptonshire.

Horse Riding

Horse riding is one of the therapeutic activities in William Blake House. The people we support go to the local RDA school, which provides support staff and volunteers. This activity helps the people we support to improve their posture and sense of balance, as well as a oneness with nature.

Horse in Stable


During the summer we visit Sailability at Pitsford Reservoir - a sailing club for young people and adults with disabilities.  It's a great opportunity for the people we support to safely experience the thrill of sailing on a large body of water in a beautiful rural setting.

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