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Social Activities

Image by Matthew LeJune

William Blake House offers a variety of activities both in the homes and to the wider community to provide the people we support with opportunities for social inclusion. 


Music, colours, food, people. Festivals are bursting with vibrancy and positive energy. The people we support love our days out at local festivals, rain or shine.

Marching Band
Image by Matthew LeJune

Local Discos

Music and rhythmical movement is fun, infectious and therapeutic. On trips to local discos, the people we support are given the opportunity to enjoy music in a relaxed, social setting, and express themselves through dance if they so desire.

Social Club -
The Country Centre

Through our partnership with The Country Centre, we regularly run a social club so the people we support can interact and build up friendships with like-minded people.

Browsing a Book


We have a storyteller who visits us each week and tells a story from his repertoire of exciting, magical, and mysterious tales, enhanced by live music, costumes, props, and parts to be played by the people we support and those who support them.

Arts and Crafts

At William Blake House we are closely attuned to the seasons and the rhythm of the year, and we celebrate many annual festivals.  This provides constant inspiration for themed art and craft projects, using our wealth of supplies and materials.

Paper Craft
Image by Gonzalo Remy

Local Pubs

The people we support often enjoy themselves in the local pubs and treat themselves with drinks as well as having an opportunity to meet local people. It is a pleasant experience for everyone in the community.

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